Atalhos de Campo



- Garbage. All I've been thinking about all week is garbage. I mean, I just can't stop thinking about it. 

- What kind of thoughts about garbage?

- Oh, how to say... I've gotten real concern over what's gonna happen with all the garbage. We've got so much of it. You know, I mean, we have to run out of places to put this stuf eventually. The last time I... I started feeling this way is when, that barge stranded and, you know, it's going around the island and nobody would claim it. Do you remember that?

- Yes, I remember. Do you have any idea what may have triggered this concern?

- Yeah. Yeah. You see, the other night John was taking out the garbage, and he kept spilling things out of the container, and that made me... a sort of imagining, like, a garbage can, that produces garbage. And it doesn't stop, it keeps producing garbage. And it keeps overflowing. And, you know, what would you do to try to stop something like that? (...)

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